Your vital donations

Local businesses and high street names have donated surplus food to us, for which we are truly grateful. Local households have also been busy in their kitchens and getting friends and family to help out. Listed below are some donations which have gone down at treat at recent events - kindly supplied by the public and local organisations!

But it's not just food - people living on the streets need warm clothing and toiletries. Personal hygiene and self-confidence are essential if a person is even to begin thinking about getting their life back on track.

donations which have gone down at treat at recent events:

Food & Drink Supplies

There are lots of different foods which can be supplied. During our outreach events, we like to serve hearty stews and soups because hot meals are so much more satisfying to those who live on the streets. The ability to serve hot meals outside in a public place obviously involves more planning and practical issues, but through good teamwork it's all doable and well worth the effort!

Sandwiches, salads and packed lunches are less demanding because they don't need to be served hot. And of course, other "longlife" foodstuffs like crisps, snack bars, flapjacks, energy bars and biscuits are the easiest - they can be simply handed out and are great because they can provide sustenance to our friends after we have packed up and gone home.

Similarly with drinks; serving hot drinks like tea, coffee, Horlicks and drinking chocolate is best, and then supplies of cold drinks and juices can be taken away by our friends.

Help in the process of serving hot meals and hot drinks

Freshly made cold food and packed lunches

Other cold food, snacks and drinks

Clothing, toiletries and other supplies

When you're living on the streets with no money for food, you certainly don't have money for clothes and hygiene products. Donations of spare clothes are most welcome. Also, many households stock up on toiletries and have a surplus in their cupboards. Imagine if we had a local "Toiletries Amnesty" - there would be a big mountain of spare unopened products!

We are always grateful for your clothing and toiletries donations. Please make sure toiletry items are new and unopended.

Please spread the word, get collecting and donating, and tell your friends!

Examples of essential items:

Please spread the word, get collecting and donating, and tell your friends!

If you can supply anything which is along the lines of what we have listed above. Please get in touch.

Also if you are from a local business and can donate products and/or facilities for our kitchen operation and outreach evenings, we would love to hear from you.

Adapt Outdoors Shop - drop-off point in Liverpool City Centre

We have a convenient drop-off point in Liverpool City Centre, Adapt Outdoors retail store, which is close to Whitechapel and just off Church Street (near H&M and Vodafone).

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Help our homeless friends. Together we can make a real difference. Donate supplies/get invloved/make a money donation