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"Helping homeless people is an act of kindness and empathy resisting the tide of opprobrium hitting them every day."

Homelessness - it simply shouldn't exist in this day and age. It belongs to another era – a Dickensian time when extreme poverty forced people to take desperate measures just to survive. Nevertheless, in the last year alone, the number of people sleeping rough on England's streets soared by nearly a third, and now stands at more than double what it was in 2010.

ROOF is a small organisation set up by friends whose wish it is to support the homeless. We help feed and clothe our outdoor friends with a fortnightly street kitchen pop-up where we provide hot/cold food, drinks and snacks, clothes and underwear, toiletries and warming company.

To help the Liverpool homeless, ROOF plans regular outings and runs entirely on volunteers giving their own donations; whether this be food and drinks, clothing, toiletries, kind messages, or their time and energy as we get together during outreach evenings.

Adapt Outdoors is proud to support ROOF

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We provide a full street kitchen...

  • Hot and hearty meals (scouse/soup/bolognese/pie)
  • Cold food (sandwiches/tuna pasta/sausage rolls etc)
  • Hot drinks (tea, coffee, hot chocolate)
  • Cold drinks and juices
  • Sugary snacks (chocolate bars, biscuits/cakes)


For our pop-up kitchen, the supplies we need inlcuded food, drinks and snacks and anything which proves useful in the running of a mobile kitchen operation to serve hot meals.

In addition to providing hot food and drink, there are many other essentials to ensure people survive on the streets, such as clothing, underwear and toiletries.

Click the link below for essential guidance.

Guidance on supplies »

We have a convenient drop-off point in Liverpool City Centre, Adapt Outdoors retail store, which is close to Whitechapel and just off Church Street (near H&M and Vodafone).

Location & Details »

Donate Supplies

Anything you can provide in terms of food, drink, clothing, underwear and toiletries is greatly appreciated. Please see our guidance on the supplies which are proven to be most vital.

Volunteer / Get Involved

Teamwork plays an important part in what we provide. There's a lot of hard work which goes into ROOF and our volunteers can get involved in lots of different ways.

Make a financial contribution

If you would like to help, you can make a money donation, or if you have ideas which can help raise money we would love to hear from you.

Find out more about how to help »

If you can supply anything or provide a helping hand which is in line with what we have listed in our Supplies Needed section. Please get in touch.

Also if you are from a local business and can donate products and/or facilities for our kitchen operation and outreach evenings, we would love to hear from you.

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Help our homeless friends. Together we can make a real difference. Donate supplies/get invloved/make a money donation